Isaac and Rebekah

Genesis 24:54-67
Genesis 25:19-28

On the next morning, Eliezer said, “Send me away to my master with Rebekah now.”

However, they said, “Please let Rebekah stay with us for a few days then she can go with you.”

Eliezer said, “Please don’t stop me. God has already given me success for my errand so let me return to my master now.”

They said, “We’ll called Rebekah and asked her if she wants to leave with you now.”

Rebecca said, “I will.”

They sent Rebekah away with her maidservant. When Isaac saw Rebekah from afar, he was very happy.

When Rebekah noticed Isaac, she quickly mounted on her veil. Later, Isaac brought Rebekah into his mother’s tent and she became his wife. Isaac was comforted to have a wife after his mother had passed away.

Isaac was forty years old when he married Rebekah. After many years, they still don’t have children. Isaac prayed to God and asked him to give his wife a child.

God heard Isaac’s prayer and Rebekah became conceived with child. Before Rebekah gave birth, the two babies jostled in her womb.

Rebekah felt worried and she said, “If everything is fine, then why do I feel as if the babies are fighting in my womb?”

Rebekah asked God about it. God answered her, &ldquo. Two peoples are in your womb. One will be stronger than the other. The older one will serve the younger one.”

When it came to the time for Rebekah to give birth, she gave birth to twins.

When the older baby came out, he was red and his whole body was covered with hair. They named him Esau. After that, the younger baby was born. As he came out, he grabbed Esau’s heel. Because of this, they called him Jacob.

Isaac was sixty years old when Jacob and Esau were born.

As years gone by, Jacob and Esau also grew up. Esau became a good hunter. He was a wild man and loved to be in the outdoors. Jacob was a shepherd. Unlike Esau, he was a docile man and loved to stay at his tents.

Isaac loved Esau more than Jacob, because Esau always cooked him delicious meals from his kills. On the other hand, Rebekah loved Jacob more than Esau.

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